SOS OPS! is not just a game, but a way to develop your skills, imagination and communication with friends. There is a wide range of options to suit every taste. Try on the role of a leader, observer or adventurer. Everything is possible!
Where's the fire, what's the hurry about? Oh, it’s right here, so you have to put on a chic firesuit and rush into battle! We promise that no one will get hurt, but local residents are uncomfortable sitting and waiting to get down from the roof. So you really need to hurry up and make their lovely town a better place.
You can use absolutely any vehicle you see in the game. Isn't it cool? Cars, fire trucks, trains and other things on wheels will help you successfully complete the mission. But you know what's the coolest? You can organize rallies with your friends at any time!
One of your friends is saving a waitress in a cafe, another one is trying to control the car, and what are you supposed to do? Whatever you want to! You can join a mission, explore the town, ride on the roof of a train, or finally find the secret room in a training hub everyone is talking about.
Stop working as a lifeguard all the time! Relax and enjoy mini-games with your friends. Arrange football and basketball matches, dance with copybars (yes, it's too cute to be true) and come up with other competitions between missions. You will never get bored!
Cats! Cats are everywhere! What are they doing here? They are waiting for you to finally take them home. Perhaps they got lost or just wanted to take a walk, but their owners are worried about their furbabies. And you will have to work hard to return them safe and sound. It’ll be fun!

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